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How to quickly set up a remote workforce for success

Enterprises must start preparing to build a remote-first work strategy and digital workspace environment that seamlessly supports their employees, the business, and IT.  Organisations already in the process of shifting greater accountability to employees and evolving to outcome-based results may encounter less friction as teams are forced to adapt. For any organization not yet fully prepared, now is the time to take advantage of shifting mindsets and budget allocations to meet work-from-home expectations today and tomorrow. For teams to rethink security from the inside out and to ensure distributed employees have easy, on-demand access to all the apps and data they need for greater collaboration and productivity—from wherever, whenever they’re mandated to work.

How Tech Data can help you to set up your Remote Working Solution

Learn how Business Continuity solutions can assist your customers with solving many of the challenges they are currently facing. Discover more with Tech Data’s VMware learning path.

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Get Employees Engaged with Workspace ONE®

Enable remote employees with immediate productivity from day one on their devices of choice. Employees can use a personal device or you can drop-ship a new one and instantly enable remote workers with everything they need to be productive. Through the Workspace ONE Hub, employees get immediate access to an entire set of business applications with seamless SSO to all cloud and data center apps, including Horizon virtual desktops and applications as needed based on job functions. Meanwhile, intrinsic zero trust security ensures that compliance and risk are considered in real-time prior to granting access to applications, protecting your infrastructure and data.

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